Kindergarten Connections

Year 5 and 6 children at Holy Family volunteer to visit students at either of our two local kindergartens during lunch time each week. The students develop a special bond with the pre-primary children as they engage in play activities. As their experience develops the students at Holy Family become more confident at facilitating activities with the children based on story books and creative arts.

This positive community partnership assists our children to understand the benefits of building connections. It fosters compassion for others and develops socialisation and communication skills.

Mercy Connect

Holy Family is very fortunate to have the support of Mercy Connect, which helps to provide support for students who are adjusting to a new country, language and social norms. Volunteers assist students in settling into our school community. They also support other students throughout our school who may require additional support to develop their literacy, numeracy or communication skills due to English being their second language.


We are thankful for the dedication of people within our community who support teachers and students in our classrooms. We frequently have young people in work experience situations or adults on work placement assisting in classrooms. We also have other adults who are generous in their commitment to support our school community by volunteering to help the children at Holy Family. The contributions of these people enable many of our students to feel optimism that there is another person in their learning space who is interested in them and their learning.