Salamat Pagi Anuk Anuk.

We are now at the end of Term 3. I want to acknowledge the considerable effort made by children, parents and staff with regards to home learning this Term. With everyone working together, a lot of learning has taken place throughout the school.

It is time now to think about Term 4. We know that our Prep - 2 children will start back at school in week 2. At the time of writing this newsletter, we are unsure about the return date of Grades 3 - 6. We will receive guidelines from the Catholic Education Office about how we will operate at school. When the teachers are planning next week for Term 4 the Grade 3 - 6 teachers will be prepared in a way that will enable them to switch quickly from home learning to in-school learning. The 3-6 teachers will also be preparing resources for the children, which will be picked up by parents at the start of Term 4. You will receive information about this through Operoo, (CareMonkey rebranded) so please lookout for this information.

I think the format will be similar to what we did previously when all the students came back after lockdown. We believe that we will have staggered finish times for the children and movement within the school will be restricted so junior children will stay in the junior area and senior children will stay in the senior area. We will continue with the same pickup and drop off arrangements that were in place before this current lockdown.

Having adults on site other than school staff would seem at this stage not a possibility unless there is a significant drop in Covid cases or a rethink by the state government.

Term 4 in the past has been a term with a lot going on in addition to the children's learning; school reports, Mass, swimming, graduation, prizegiving, Parish Carols, and all the end of year requirements that teachers consider. The end of Term 4 this year may look different due to the restrictions however we will be looking at ways the children can experience as much of the regular Term 4 activities and events as possible. We will keep everyone up to date. As soon as we know what we will be required to do, we will let the school community know.

Prep enrolments for 2021 are open! If you have a child or know of someone with a school-aged child who would like to attend our school, please email me at

Also if your child is NOT returning to Holy Family in 2021 could you please inform me as soon as possible.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday and we hope to see our wonderful Holy Family children back at school during Term 4.

God Bless.

Steve Twomey Principal