Salamat Pagi Anuk Anuk.

As we head into week 6 of remote learning there is so much to be proud of— from the ongoing commitment and professionalism of teachers and the dedication of our learning support officers through their daily supervision of students onsite and implementation of intervention programs for some students at home, to the enthusiasm and resilience of students and the devotion of parents in their engagement with and support of their children’s learning.

Yes there have been challenges, however we have heard many fabulous anecdotes about what is happening at home. Parents have been encouraging and positive as they share their excitement about their child’s creativity and pride in their independence. They have spoken about how well older brothers and sisters have been supporting their younger siblings. Teachers too, have shared news of children in their class when they have been excited by the learning they have observed.

On Monday 25th May, as staff gather together at school for the first time in 8 weeks, we will be celebrating the successes we have achieved, both personally and as a school community. We will be discussing the teaching practices that we want to embed further because we have discovered innovative teaching methods that have supported student learning. And of course, we will be planning for the return of our Junior children on Tuesday 26th May.

We expect that resuming full time school may bring some challenges to students. They will need to adjust to routines, and being back in a space with other children. There will be an eagerness to see their friends but perhaps some uncertainties that we need to be prepared for. As a staff we have already been discussing this and we will provide ongoing support to gently ease your children back into a normal school routine.

Information about how we are preparing for the return to school will be communicated through Seesaw, however below are some key considerations.

  1. There will be a teacher preparation day on Monday 25th May and no home learning will take place on this day for students in Foundation—6, nor will any students be supervised on site by staff.
  2. Foundation to Year 2 students will return to school on Tuesday 26th May.
  3. Home learning as currently delivered to Junior students will end on Friday 22nd and Junior iPads will be returned to school on this day.
  4. If you have a child in Years F-2 who will not be returning to school on Tuesday 26th please notify the school by Friday 22nd. Please be aware that home learning will not be delivered to students who will not be attending school.
  5. Years 3-6 students will return to school on Tuesday 9th June. 6. Students in Years 3-6 who have been learning onsite over the homte learning period will continue to attend school from May 26-June 5th and participate in their online learning.
  6. Students in Years 3 - 6 who have siblings in Years Foundation - 2 will be required to continue online learning at home.

If you have any questions please contact us so we can support you. Have a fabulous week.

Connie Drossaert (on behalf of Steve Twomey)