Halo Masyarakat Keluarga Holy Family,

The last term of the school year has arrived. There is always a lot happening in term 4 with Christmas on the horizon. Also at this time of year we are looking at 2020 and beyond.

With this year being our Review year for Holy Family, over the coming weeks we will be finalising our School Improvement Plan for the next four years. When that is completed we will create our Annual Action Plan for the school for 2020. To create these school documents, we work in partnership with people from Southern Office of Catholic Education Melbourne.

The process that we use to create these documents has been substantially changed for 2019 and I feel is far more focused on the needs of individual schools than in the past. It also has made it more transparent and measurable when setting educational goals for the school.

Teachers are currently looking at and discussing which children will be acknowledged at our end of year prize giving. We normally have Gospel Values awards and this year we are changing the name to Heart Value awards. We think that this better reflects school direction and how we talk to the children about the values that guide how we interact with each other and the wider community at Holy Family School.

We will be having our transition days for the 2020 preps and the end of this month and in November. Transition introduces parents and children to Holy Family School and gives the school an opportunity to assess the needs of our incoming students. If you have a child, you intend to enrol for next year please get in contact as soon as possible. We would like all our new students to be part of our transition program. Also if you know someone who intends enrolling a child here please let them know that they need to enrol as soon as possible. so that we can get organised for them.

If your child is not returning to Holy Family School in 2020 please contact me.

Our swimming programme at Oasis Pools will start later than normal this year. Swimming starts on Monday the 18th November and finishes on Friday the 29th November. That is week 7 and week 8 of the term. Information about swim-ming times will be sent out in coming weeks.

Steve Twomey