Salamat Pagi Anuk Anuk.

We have had all the children back now for two weeks. It is lovely seeing the classrooms and playground in use and the sounds of children learning and playing. A number of the teachers commented that for the first few days the classrooms were a lot quieter than normal. It took the students a while to settle back into being in a classroom after a long period of learning from home. We hope and pray that nothing causes us to have to close again for any length of time.

All the procedures that we have in place are to keep the children at Holy Family and the staff as safe as possible. We receive guidance from Catholic Education Melbourne and this has been, and will continue to be shared with our community. We will continue at the start of term 3 with the children in their year groups as they are now, having one teacher (apart from specialists) allocated to them. We also have separate playing areas for the junior and senior students. This will continue into next term. We have children and staff who wear masks to school every day. This is perfectly understandable and fine for people to do for as long as they wish.

We hope that term 3 will be a normal term and as soon as the restrictions are lifted we will be organising opportunities to get parents into the school. We will keep you updated when requirements change.

Morning and afternoon pick up and drop off

At the moment requirements for keeping the children separated means the school day is shortened a bit in order for the children to safely arrive and leave the school. After COVID-19 restrictions lift and we no longer need to keep the senior and junior children separated, we will look at how this current drop off and pick up process can be more efficient so that the children can begin and end their learning at 8.45am and 3.30pm.

Semester 1 reports

If you have any questions regarding your child's report please contact the school office. Your child's teacher will return your phone call as soon as possible to arrange a phone call or Google Meet. The teachers are still unable to have face to face meetings with parents due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Curriculum day term 3

Monday the 13th July is a curriculum day. The first day of term 3 for the children will be Tuesday the 14th July. If you are a working parent and do not have any family or friends to look after your child, please contact the office by the end of this term so we can make arrangements for child care.

Last day term 2

The last day of term 2 is Friday June 26, with school finishing at 3.15pm for Prep-2 students and their siblings and 3.30pm for students in grades 3-6.


Steve Twomey