Mathematics Program at Holy Family Doveton
Photo One Being a numerate member of society is our goal for our children at Holy Family, to confidently use maths for life.

This involves thinking flexibly about number, to be able to work out maths problems in a variety of ways, seeing that there can be more than one answer, or one way of calculating. Appreciating other’s ideas is emphasised in the learning process.

To have fun learning this along the way is also our main aim. The use of mathematical games are a feature of our program. Activities undertaken by the students are very open-ended so children at all levels within a class can feel they have achieved. The school is well-resourced with mathematical equipment, and from Prep to year six students are encouraged to use it.

Teachers receive regular professional development in ways to use this equipment with an on-staff mathematics consultant. So too, regular professional development on assessment of each child, and data analysis is a priority, and to track students throughout their primary school life has been a large part of our program. An intervention and extension program for students is embedded within the school using the results of these assessments, so all children are catered for.

Ultimately we would like students to enjoy mathematics, and be successful users of mathematics in life.
Post Date: 23-05-2013
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