Literacy Program at Holy Family
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Literacy at Holy Family

The acquisition of English is an essential skill to enable students to become effective communicators.

Understanding texts and recognising how language works within them is necessary for success at school and beyond for an active, informed and fulfilling life in a modern, global community. This is the rationale for the teaching and learning in literacy at Holy Family. Our approach in the classroom is to provide each child with opportunity to reach their potential in a supported and inspiring contemporary learning setting.

Based on the English curriculum Holy Family provides focused teaching, high expectations and targeted teaching for personalised learning. Engaging, supportive and challenging activities are provided in Reading and Viewing, Writing and Speaking and Listening. Intervention programs such as Reading Recovery, BRIDGES, and ERIK are provided for students with additional needs in LIteracy.

Literacy is the driver for all the other curriculum areas and is considered a high priority in the curriculum as it is integrated into Maths, History, Science, Humanities and The Arts.
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