In order to provide a catholic education for your children at Holy Family it is necessary to charge a school fee and a curriculum levy which supplements the Government Grants that are supplied by the Commonwealth and State. These fees and levies are used to provide books and equipment necessary to educate the children at our school.

The fee and levy charge will be divided internally by the school for books, excursion, subject levies, class sets of books, physical education, swimming, inter school sport program and art and craft materials.

The Family fee for 2020
$950.00 per family for the year

The capital levy for 2020
$120.00 per family

The curriculum levy for 2020
$335.00 per child

The computer levy for 2020
$30.00 per child (Prep – Year 2)
$20.00 per child (Year 3 – Year 6)

The chrome books for 2020
$400.00 per Grade 3 child

The camp fee for 2020
$350.00 per Grade 5 & 6 children $ 50.00 per Grade 3 & 4 children

To assist parents with budgeting and payment of fees, we will continue to accept fees weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annually. Accounts will be sent out each month.

The following payment options are also available – Direct Debit is the schools preferred option.

1. Payment by direct debit from a nominated bank account.

2. Payment by a direct debit from a nominated credit card.

3. Payment by cash and or cheque.

4. Payment by EFTPOS.