Physical Education encourages students to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours that enable them to:

  • maintain good health and live a healthy lifestyle
  • understand the role of physical activity in ensuring good health
  • engage in physical activity.

The Physical Education program aims to provide all children with the opportunity to:

  • Develop confidence and competence in the acquisition of basic motor skills that will enhance participation in a variety of physical activities.
  • Attain and maintain a level of fitness that will allow the individual to perform daily tasks with control, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Experience fun and enjoyment through participation.
  • Develop social skills that will enable students to function effectively in interpersonal relationships.
  • Develop a positive attitude towards exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Each week children from Grades Prep-6 undertake a Physical Education session focusing on fundamental motor skills, such as:

  • throwing
  • catching
  • kicking
  • bouncing
  • agility
  • jumping
  • athletics
  • Each session also focuses on coordination, fitness, teamwork and sportsmanship.

Inter-School Sports Holy Family School has a strong sporting culture, with senior children participating in a number of events each year including inter-school sports, cross country and athletics.

Swimming During the year each child will be provided with the opportunity to participate in a School Swimming Program. The cost of the program is included in the school fees as part of the “Curriculum Levy.”

House Athletics To celebrate our wonderful school and the excellent sporting ability all our children hold Holy Family School also runs an annual House Athletics Carnival in term 1. This is a wonderful event, where children are able to celebrate and compete for their house team and have fun with their friends and family.